Stepan Sokol
Prof. Stiepan Sokol
Chairman of the Trusteesheep-coordinating council, Counsellor to the rector
Professor, Doctor of Law, Founder of “BIP—Institute of Law”

The Belarusian Institute of Law was founded in 1990. Since then it has trained highly-qualified specialists in Law, Economics, Psychology, etc.
The Institute graduates are awarded the State diplomas.
The Belarusian Institute of Law works under the license granted by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus.
Two Institute branches in Mogilev and Grodno have been functioning since 1994.
During the years of its existence, the Institute has trained about 17 000 skilled specialists who proved to be the best in different fields of social life and law of the Republic of Belarus.
More than 500 graduates of the Institute work in the system of the Ministry of Justice, 40 of them are judges.
Over 150 graduates of the Institute work in public prosecution bodies, about 900 graduates serve in the system of the Ministry of Internals.
The Institute is proud of its graduates and especially appreciates those teaching in their Alma Mater and in other Institutions of higher education. At present 38 graduates, 11 of whom are the Candidates of Science, are lecturing at the Institute of Law. And this proves the Institute proper strategy chosen by the administration to_improve the Institute infrastructure, develop the personnel potential and the material standard.
The Institute has recently introduced a number of modern specializations and post-diploma training to meet the requirements of the Republic economy in qualified professionals.

Dr.Sergey Romaniuk
PhD, Associate professor.

The core of the teaching staff of the Belarusian Institute of Law is competent and proficient teachers, 30 of whom are Doctors and more than 140 are Candidates. Legal experts and scholars of the Republic of Belarus and from abroad are invited to lecture and improve the quality of teaching there.
Students’ life is adventurous. There are a lot of activities in which students can participate such as: the institute KVN (the club of cheerful and quit-witted) which is very popular in the Republic and abroad, beauty contests, and others. Students are involved in 11 projects, including drama circle, pop groups, choreography circle, Art Theater of fashion, and so on. The Institute provides all conditions for physical training. Sport groups of Greco-Roman wrestling, volleyball, basketball, mini-football, bodybuilding, aerobics, and table tennis are available for students. The Institute sport teams always take prize-winning places at the Republic Students Games.
The Institute Authority pays special attention to creation of favourable conditions for students’ studies. Many of the Institute buildings are modern and equipped with up-to-date facilities. Comfortable students’ dormitory is being built now. Mogilev and Grodno Institute buildings have become landmark buildings of the cities.
The Institute has set up the postgraduate courses. Many students participate in the R&D projects of the Institute and the Republic. The best students’ research works are published in the Institute scientific journal.