The History of BIP–Institute of Law

The Belarusian Institute of Law history started in 1990 when Minsk Law School was founded by the Union of Lawyers.

At present the Private Educational Establishment “BIP—Institute of Law” is one of the prestigious Institutions of Higher Education of the Republic.

The Institute primary goal is to train highly-qualified specialists in Law, Economics, Political Science and Psychology. The graduates of the Institute proved to be the best in different fields of social life, that is the evidence of the Institute proper educational strategy.

The qualified and experienced teaching staff many of whom are Candidates and Doctors of Science constitute the core of “BIP—Institute of Law”.

BIP – Institute of Law
The History of private educational establishment «BIP – Institute of Law»

History in Dates and Facts

1990 — 2001

1991 – reformation into the Belarusian Institute of Law.

1993-1994 – foundation of the branches in Mogilev, Grodno and Baranovichi.

1995 – setting up the Belarusian College of Business and Law (vocational Institution attached to the Belarusian Institute of Law).

1996 – setting up Postgraduate Courses.

1997 – establishment of Economics and Law School.

1997 — setting up the School for Upgrading and Career Promotion.

1998 — establishment of the Career Guidance & Applicants Training Division.

2000 — opening of the Mogilev new Institute building.

2000 — introduction of specialization “Political Sciences”.

2001 — establishment of the Polish School of Humanities.

2001 — introduction of specialization “Psychology”.

2002 — 2006

2002 — establishment of the E- Learning Distance Education Center.

2003 – establishment of the R&D laboratory (Criminology and techniques of Criminology) at the department of Criminology, Criminal Law and Court Expertise.

2005 – editing the journal “Social Economic and Legal Research”.

2006 – renaming the department “ the Polish School of Humanities” into “ the Department of Psychology and Political Sciences”.

2007 – 2011

2007 – holding Annual International R&D Conferences on History and Law.

2008 – setting up the International Law and Legal Psychology School.

2010 — opening of the Grodno new Institute building.

The IT classes in Minsk, Grodno and Mogilev have been modernized and access to the Internet has been provided. The Institute Administration pays much attention to the new buildings construction. Most of the Institute buildings are modern. Mogilev and Grodno Institute buildings have become remarkable sights of the cities.

2012 – present day

2012 – introduction of new specialty “Economic Law”

2014 – introduction of new specialty “Real Estate Management”

2014 – introduction of Master’s degree studies (the second stage of higher education) in 2 specialties — “Jurisprudence”, “Economy and Management of a National Economy”

“We are looking forward into the future with optimism: we are sure that our undergraduates and graduates will contribute a lot to the perspective development of their native country — BELARUS.”