Postgraduate education

For foreign citizens:

Language of instruction: Russian.

Reception of documents: during the year.


Education form

Course duration

Tuition fees per year (BYN/$)

Theory and History of Law and State; History of Law and State doctrines


4 years


Civil Law; Business Law; Family Law; International Private Law


4 years


* по курсу Нацбанка на ___.___.2017

Foreign citizens enrolling in postgraduate school must have a higher education at the level of the Master of Science.

Foreign citizens are enrolled in postgraduate study for training on a paid basis without passing an entrance exam in a special discipline. At the same time, the inclination of the person entering research work, as well as the level of mastery of the language of instruction, sufficient for mastering the educational program of postgraduate study, is determined by the results of the interview.

Admission documents
  1. The original and a copy of the master’s degree, an excerpt from the record-examination sheet or another document on education equivalent to the second stage of higher education in the Republic of Belarus, indicating the disciplines studied and the marks (points) received.
  2. A notarized translation of the document on education, if it is made in a foreign language, and a copy thereof.
  3. A certificate of recognition of a document on education and establishing its equivalence to the second stage of higher education in the Republic of Belarus (for education documents issued in a foreign country).
  4. Medical conclusion about the state of health (absence of HIV, Tuberculosis, hepatitis) and the possibility of living in the climatic conditions of the Republic of Belarus, issued by the official health authority of the country from which the foreigner arrived, its notarized translation into Russian.
  5. Passport with an entry visa to the Republic of Belarus (for citizens of countries with a visa regime), a copy thereof and a notarized translation into Russian (if it contains information only in a foreign language).
  6. 2 photos in the size of 3×4 cm.
  7. The policy of compulsory medical insurance for foreign citizens.
  8. Written direction of an authorized organization, certified in accordance with the established procedure, if a foreign citizen arrives in accordance with international treaties of the Republic of Belarus, treaties on the implementation of international programs, inter-university agreements or the direction of organization of a foreign state.

If the documents listed above are executed in a foreign language they are simultaneously accompanied by their translation into Belarusian or Russian, certified by a notary.

Scientific management of preparation of dissertation research is carried by the best BIP specialists, as well as scientists from other universities and scientific institutions of the country. Due to the efficient work of the Postgraduate School 25 people defended the thesis for the degree of Candidate of Juridical Sciences.

The institute has established effective contacts with many foreign universities, through which young scientists can pass scientific training in leading international and European research centers.


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