Scientific activities and international cooperation

Scientific & Research Activities

The institute conducts an active research and development work aimed at improving the quality of the educational process. Teaching staff carries out scientific and research work on improvement of the national legal system, international legal mechanisms to ensure the integration of Belarus into the world economic system, modern IT-technologies in education, and others.

An important result of the research activities of the institute is the publication of educational and scientific literature (textbooks, monographs, articles, abstracts), scientific conferences, including international, on topical issues in Law, Economics and Humanities. Textbooks and monographs of our teachers are highly demanded in the book market, not only in Belarus, but also the neighboring CIS and EurAsEC.

The institute publishes the scientific journal «Socio-economic and legal research», which is included in the list of Higher Attestation Commission. It has the ability to print not only the employees of the institute, but also scientists of other higher education institutions of the country and abroad.

BIP holds international cooperation with a number of leading higher educational establishments of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, the Republic of Poland, Lithuania and other countries. We implement actively an agreement with the Polish Institute in Minsk on cooperation and information exchange. Fruitful co-operation has developed with an educational consortium FUTURUS (Poland), in which our graduates have the opportunity to obtain two diplomas.

The main forms of International cooperation are:

  • preparation and holding international R&D conferences at the Belarusian Institute of Law;
  • participation in the international R&D conferences and workshops;
  • supervision of undergraduates and postgraduates for participation in international R&D conferences and contests;
  • internship of the teaching staff and undergraduates abroad;
  • advising on programs of the International R&D funds and R&D activities.

Department of Science and International Contacts

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